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Optimum Technologies

Most Innovative Business Management Software Solutions 2018

OptimumHQ is for mid-sized and serious small businesses that are struggling with packaged software and spreadsheets to run their business. OptimumHQ is the leading business solution platform that allows customers to rapidly create custom business solutions for complex business problems.

Unlike custom development and hefty enterprise software, OptimumHQ delivers powerful, tailored solutions in days or weeks, not months or years – at a much lower cost and with no custom code. We believe that custom software is critical to business success, but companies are getting ripped off by high-end software and custom dev shops. OptimumHQ is a disruptor in the industry, an emerging middle ground between off-the-shelf solutions that don't serve the customer's needs and monstrously expensive and clunky custom software. 

OptimumHQ's Business Solution Platform can handle every part of a unique business – from anywhere, any device, any time. Our robust cloud-based platform can manage HR, accounting, billing, CRM/sales, inventory, scheduling, project management, and much more – at a significantly lower price and development timeline.