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Chevin Fleet Solutions

Fleet Management Software Providers of the Year 2018

Chevin Fleet Solutions is the leading global provider of dedicated fleet management software. Its multi-award winning software, Chevin FleetWave®, is a web-based system used by fleet operations across the globe, proven to help businesses measure and reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, reduce administrative burdens and ensure compliance and risk management requirements are met.

FleetWave is designed to meet the demands of any type of operation from any sector, by providing extremely flexible software configurations. The system manages the whole lifecycle of a fleet, from initial acquisition of vehicles, through to the deployment, operating expenses, incidents, work orders, maintenance, legal requirements and finally disposal. It includes businesses with cars, vans, commercial vehicles, heavy machinery, plant and associated assets. Covering nearly every aspect of management the vehicles, assets, drivers, workforce and even workshops that make up the operation.