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Proud to be going into its second year, the Finance Elite Awards 2018 look to continue recognising the brightest and best financial minds, in the United States of America, who have navigated through the highs and lows of the nation’s economy.

As Corporate Tax cuts look to boost future earnings, the Finance Elite Awards 2018 are primed to identify and award the individuals, groups and enterprises who have contributed to this thriving US economy.

While the stock market booms with the Bitcoin Bubble and trade indices at highs, it is time to stand tall and be recognised for your perseverance and achievements over the year with an award from US Business News.

The strong economic momentum at the end of 2017 is evidence of the shrewd financial management found in within the public and private sectors, and to assist us in uncovering the financial elite, we ask that you visit the site below, to make your nomination.

Voting is now closed.