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North America News May 2017

May 31, 2017

Welcome to this bumper edition of North America News.

In recent news, iPass Inc. announced the iPass Mobile Security Report 2017. The results reveal that 40% of organizations believe that C-level executives, including the CEO, are most at risk of being hacked when working outside of the office. Cafés and coffee shops were ranked the number one high-risk venue by 42% of respondents, from a list also including airports (30%), hotels (16%), exhibition centers (7%) and airplanes (4%). Most (93%) of respondents said they were concerned about the security challenges posed by a growing mobile workforce. Almost half (47%) said they were 'very' concerned, up from 36% in 2016.

In other corporate news, Crown Global Insurance Company of America, a member of Crown Global Insurance Group LLC announced that it has been ranked as the U.S. life insurance industry’s fastest-growing group or standalone entity in 2016, according to criteria set forth by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

I trust you enjoy reading the wide-ranging content that this special edition offers.